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Family Law and Mediation

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Family Law and Mediation

At BASLAS Abogados we strive to offer agile and concrete solutions to the problems and issues that can commonly arise in a family environment.

Our expert team of family lawyers can guide you through any divorce or separation process, and can adeptly resolve any problems that may arise when enforcing a separation agreement and in making the right decisions. And if you want to amend some aspect of an existing divorce, separation or custody arrangement due to a change in personal circumstances, our lawyers will advise you on the steps that must be taken so as to ensure that the amendment is ratified by the courts.

We can also help you with other family law matters:

  • Claiming maintenance and alimony and liquidating jointly owned property by mutual agreement or through adversary proceedings.


  • Extinguishing joint property arrangements and drafting prenuptial agreements.


  • Matters relating to family filiation, such as requests for a court finding of incapacity or the appointment of a guardian for family members who have a physical or psychological illness or deficiency, or who are unable to govern themselves.
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